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What Our Clients Say
Some comments from our students


“I needed to get around the countryside faster and more direct than by road and so embarked on my private pilot license (PPL) journey.  I will never forget one of the early pieces of advice given at Cleveland Bay Aviation; “stop looking at that phone, you’re not a politician in the plane you’re a pilot”.  I think those words embodied the dedication and professionalism of the instructors at Cleveland Bay and the respect they have for discipline required in aviation.  I had the benefit of time with all the instructors and compared to two other previous schools they were well ahead in terms of maturity and experience.  Once I completed the training I felt well equipped to go out navigating the yonder safely with my PPL. My experience of getting my ‘license to learn’ aviation was one of the most rewarding of my life.  If I had a kid wanting to fly right now, and I wanted to know they’d be safe, I would send them to Cleveland Bay. “

Robbie Katter MP, PPL 2018


“Cleveland Bay Aviation’s staff offer a wide base of knowledge acquired from many years of operating in the aviation industry all over the world. The enthusiastic and dedicated staff all have invaluable local knowledge which they pass onto students all in the digestible bite size pieces. They understand the different techniques of teaching and comprehension and are happy to tailor training to suit each student”

Teegan O’Neill PPL 2018 CPL 2019


“I started my flying experience with Cleveland bay aviation in November 2017, where I actually had a flying phobia! I did my Trial introductory flight with Chris and before I knew it, my fear was gone and I was hooked. I have since obtained my RPL and will be going forward to complete my commercial licence with CBA. I have had some great times with Cleveland bay aviation! Thank you Adrian, John, Chris and Graham and I look forward to the next couple years learning and growing! “

 Keith Lennox RAA PC 2018, RPL 2019


“Flying with Cleveland bay is awesome, they go out of their way to take the stress out of flying with exceptional customer service, facilities and a wide range of aircraft to choose from. Having worked in the aviation industry most of my career I can honestly say you wont find anywhere else with the best value for money experience and service. They really do go above and beyond.”

Brendan Torpelund PPL 2018


“All round excellent experience, great staff who offer a wealth of knowledge and experience I completed my CPL with Cleveland Bay Aviation in early 2018. Although I presented the school with a tight/difficult timeframe to pass/sit the CPL flight test, Graeme Atchinson and the team went above and beyond to equip me for a successful outcome. Graeme’s practical “real world” instructing style enabled me to absorb the required knowledge in a short time, in a comfortable and safe manner.”

Ken Porter CPL 2018


“The team at CBA were able to consolidate and restore where I had left off flight training over 10 years ago. Receiving the benefits of their experienced team, made the process quite seamless.”

Andrew Gellert PPL 2016


“Having flown in many locations around the world I can honestly say that Cleveland bay has provided me with the best flight training I've ever received. All the instructors have a wealth of knowledge and are very approachable, even taking time out of their day to help you out. Thanks to my instructor Graeme and the team I managed to convert my commercial licence in just over a week. Definitely recommended.”

Tobi. Krellmann CPL 2018


“A great team of experienced instructors who are always willing to spend the extra time, sharing their knowledge to better you as a student pilot”

Brayden Shepherd RAA PC 2018, RPL 2019


“I was at a crossroads in my early days of training after trying various and oftentimes unpredictable flying schools. I was introduced to Cleveland Bay Aviation and was immediately impressed with their level of professionalism and commitment in helping me achieve my flying aspirations. Whether your goals are to obtain a recreational pilot certificate, CASA RPL/PPL or have an ambition to become a career pilot, Cleveland Bay Aviation will support you throughout your aviation journey. With a wide selection of aircraft to fly in a demanding Controlled Airspace environment, you will have firsthand exposure in sharing airspace with private, commercial and military operations. You can be assured that you will be mentored through every step in your training and receive encouragement and support all the way. There are no gains in taking shortcuts in aviation training and Cleveland Bay Aviation will provide you with the skills and knowledge to become a safe and competent pilot.”

Azhar Caddy RPL


"Cleveland Bay Aviation offered a rigorously professional and flexible program that enabled me to gain my Private Pilots Licence whilst working full time. I learned early on that they saw my success in aviation as their success. I couldn't recommend them more highly for flight training."

Scott Hedley PPL 2016

“I couldn’t speak highly enough of CBA. They went above and beyond with my flight training. They made flying fun and challenged each student to be the best pilot they could be. All four instructors have huge amounts of experience and they are only too happy to share it with you. This is the best place to learn to fly in North Queensland.”  

Brett Niewand CPL 2018