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Our Services & Prices 
Our Services and Prices as at 31st July 2019

Flight Training - services

The cost of flight training varies considerably depending upon how much time per week you have, to devote to your program. The following should give you a guide.

The figures are based on the hours we project a student flying on average, twice per week will take not the minimum hours required by CASA.

Note RPL, PPL and CPL are “modular”, so the figures shown for PPL and CPL are simply the extra amounts after RPL.

Speak to one of our instructors to map out a program for you.

1. Recreational Pilot Licence- From $13850

2. Private Pilot Licence- RPL + $12750

3. Commercial Pilot Licence- PPL + $51520

All figures include costs for license tests, flight briefs and all solo and dual flights. The CPL figure includes all CASA exam fees, reference books, a radio headset, uniform, and CASA medical and ASIC.

Air Charter

Charter and Scenic Flight ex Townsville.

The following are meant as an indication only and may vary up or down with weight, weather and type of aircraft used. Prices include GST and charges.

  • Scenic Flight over Cape Cleveland, Magnetic Island, and Townsville.

4 Pax $700. (1 hour)

  • Scenic Flight Coral Coast & Hinchinbrook Island.

4 Pax $1100. (1.5 hours)

  • Hamilton Island return

4 Pax $1820 (1 hour each leg)

  • Longreach, Barcaldine, Emerald or Winton return

4 Pax or 400 kg freight $2800 (1.75 hours each leg)